Ralph Ring and Levitation

So, my future-to-be-build airplane has become a to-be-build levitation disk.

Have you been following all the, even if tiny, but mind-blowing footsteps today’s science has doing the past years? Yet there are loads of Nobel Prizes that are to be given away for technologies we have known about for a long time! Ask Will Smith, and he will tell you nothing to explain his sons words to the president in the white house. Because you are kept to stay sane.

Nicola Tesla knew it. He put his hopes into Otis T. Carr who then later worked with Ralph Ring. Ralph Ring is absolutely worth listening to. One of his most mind-blowing experiences that he talks about (not sure if its in this video too) is when he, under Carrs demonstration, saw and felt a test model levitation disk fade into ‘nothing’ – or as he puts it, went into an other dimension, which we earth beings can not perceive. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand his words, nor interested in changing the world. Just widen your horizon:


And here’s how to understand the nature of levitation:

Otis Carr OTC-X1 – Part One – Atoms for Free

Otis Carr OTC-X1 – Part Two – Original OTC-X1 Research Material

Otis Carr OTC-X1 – Part Three – Dimensions of Mystery Schematics


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