Crop Circles and Pyramides

Geometry – what is geometry really? Peter Ferreira calls geometry mathematics of life. Take a look at nature. Pick the first naturally grown object you find on your expedition. Maybe it’s a plant, maybe a crystal. Now think of this: where there is energy in harmony, there is geometry, right? Therefore, where there is geometry, there must be energy- yes?

I have always been fascinated by crop fields. Their geometries are said to be so exact (leaving out the man made ones), that it makes me wonder, how they were created and what they express. To me, they are just beautiful.

Then what about the pyramids? We are told that they were build to be graves. However, thinking about the expense of building just one such pyramid alone , there must be a deeper connection between the facilities build into it and its shape, such as the meaning behind their existence all over the planet, must there not.  Then I wonder, could their geometry accumulate some sort of useful energy just like plants and crystals do?

Here’s what Chis Dunn makes of the pyramid puzzle: Giza Power Plant – Chris Dunn – Part 1

Not only were resonance chambers and chambers with huge electrodes found in the pyramids; yes, something more incredibly interesting about them goes together with Willhelm Reichs findings from the 1930’s about Orgone Energy. Orgone energy is said to be the ‘universal life force’, found anywhere in the universe. Reich proposed that organic matter like cotton absorbs, while metallic matter super-channels orgone energy. The pyramids were build out of an inner bulk of limestone, and an outer layer of polished stone: one of organe-energy-absorbing and one -channeling property, thus, functioning in the lines of an energy accumulator.

So.. there is energy all around us? Yes, and not just that, if you think about it, all we are, that is energy, and its conscious.

(Ps.: Don’t let other people think for you. Do your own homework, if at all.)


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