Changing Your Life (or not)

Are you the change in your life?

A year ago, I stumbled across a book: ‘The War of Art‘ by Steven Pressfield. In his book, Steven tries to put words upon what he calls resistance. We all have it when we feel that there is something we SHOULD do, but we don’t do it, or we do it, but while collecting bad feelings. Pressfields book was great at kicking my shins, nevertheless I never got clever about what resistance really is.

One year later, through my boyfriend, I started to listen to Esther and Jerry Hicks e-books again:

Das Gesetz der Anziehung verstehen‘ (The Law of Attraction)

Die Kunst des Zulassens

Die Wissenschafft des Bewussten Erschaffens

On the Way Up

Wunscherfüllung – die 22 Metoden

And here I found an answer which makes sense to me. Resistance is when we have belief systems working against what we ought to do.

If you are someone looking for change in your life and you haven’t found it yet, then you can relax now as I tell you how many easy and fun ways there are to go about to finding your change in life. The best classic from the 1910’s on this is Wallace D. Wattles book ‘The Science of Getting Rich‘. Take note, rich in this context goes far beyond just financial wealth. To be rich, is much more a state of mind, through which all the outer things manifest only secondary.

Wattles book tells me: get the mindset, and simply do it. True, it’s simple, but first when you’ve got the supporting mindset. Then how would you go about to get it? Have you ever experienced depression and seen how hard it seems, as you’re in it, to get out of it? The last at least nine years, I have, through inspiration, experiments and a load of reflection, been learning all about what power we really have to be the change in our lives. And its freak’n ass-kicking. Empowering.

For a better understanding of the power within you – perception, thoughts feelings and words, inner motivation, playfulness – Esther and Jerry Hicks books are worth gold! Get the e-books and really enjoy them, that is all I can say. Already here you will find many creative ways on changing your direction.

What has always been fascinating to me, is what impact the world around us has on our state of mind. Think of objects, people or words to which you connect certain feelings. Ask your self questions like; what are subliminals, and what do you do with your unconscious mind? And, what does it do to your conscious mind? ‘Kraftzentrale Unterbewusstsein‘ by Erhard F. Freitag first introduced my dad to this topic ages ago. Freitag teaches us an easy method to talk to our unconscious mind. Because it’s so easy to do and powerful, I used to only use it for hard core changes in my life, that I was after. These days my life is very much the way I want it to be. That’s why I say I used to use, hehe.



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