The Secret of Natural Birth Control

Alright, this is for you women out there who like to know a secret about your body, and for you men who… also want to take a look outside the box.

Why do I say secret? It seems like, not many know and experienced this:

Every woman has full power over her menstruation cycles. She only has to realize and practice it. In this way, birth control becomes a natural process, and her monthly bleeding turns into a voluntary exercise.

Jean Melcher found a beautiful way of bringing fourth this exotic knowledge of natural birth control, all in her book Woman Power –  Birth Control Through Education of the Reproductive organs. The method which she proposes is easy (scroll down to page 15 ‘A summary of the technique‘ and you find a good description), but really shrinks further to the simplest form of a single thought. You just have to know how your menstruation works, and put those images into your head, together with a feeling of complete certainty and determination. Your body then follows thereafter.

With 14 or something (cant remember) I started to get my own period. Some two years later, I had enough of it, and since then had the, for me, most mind-blowing power-of-my-mind-experiences (with mentally putting my period off and on whenever I wanted to), that I with the years became absolutely certain about, that it was me, in control of my body, and not the other way around. Eventually I heard about some Kundalini-exercises that were supposed to stop a womans period for good (until whenever she decides to have it back) – tried it, and found it working. Meanwhile I forgot about menstruation and kept on with my life. I didn’t have what was normal for a women in my age to have, yet I knew, that I was perfectly healthy. And I was.

However then about a year ago, I started to wonder who else on this planet (or on whatever planet) was into the same as myself. I wanted to know, if there existed already tested techniques for making the Kundalini-exercise in reverse. I knew my own ways, but what still was missing, was to hear from other women what I found for my self. Then I found it, Melchers beautiful book on Women Power. Such a blessing to me. So, if you’ve ever wondered: here is your answer. =)


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