Beyond Homeopathic Paper Remedies

We have heard of homeopathy, and we know, if we do it right in one way or an other it does affect and fulfill its purpose. Here comes the best part. If we find a way to produce homeopathic remedies in a much simpler, faster and cheaper way – and it still works the way it should – then who would really care about how it works, or ever say no to such a remedy? You?

I would say, that’s my kind of magic. I took the ‘Paper Remedy Method’ (PR) used by (professional) homeopaths, and changed it accordingly, so non-homeopaths like my self can create their own ‘magic remedy’. We now leave out having to know what homeopathic recipe heals what malady… and the whole science. Instead, the only that we need to know, is how we want our body to be after it has healed it self.

Paper Remedy

So, here is how it works:

  • Get a piece of paper and a pen
  • Write, with specific wording, how you like your sick body part to be after healing (for example: ‘happy tonsils’)
  • Get a glass (made of glass!)
  • Fill the glass half way with water
  • Now, find a beautiful windowsill in your home, under a beautiful window into which a lot of outdoors light enters. Put your glass with the paper under it or on top of it on the windowsill.
  • Let the water change its structural Information for at least half an hour (just don’t touch it for at least half an hour)
  • Now let the person in need of the remedy drink your magic water. You don’t have to tell him/her that it is a remedy. Do this as often as you wish and think is needed.

This is how I a couple of weeks ago happily healed my tonsils from tonsillopharyngitis. The fun part is, using this method you can also heal any part of your other bodies; if it is your emotional body, or your mental body..

Happy healing!


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