Magic – How Does It Work?


So, you don’t believe in magic? Today I opened up my normal every day dictionary to find out what we are supposed to understand under the term”magic”. Though, it left me unsatisfied: “The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”. It is obvious: this definition was written by a person not believing in or knowing of magic, and that with no real rig to hold onto. …’apparently’ (indicating doubt)… ‘mysterious’ (no understanding of the subject) … ‘supernatural’ (oh, this one is interesting…. its even supposed to be beyond scientific understanding, ok I buy that, and beyond the laws of nature!).

Now lets look at a definition written by  a person (and he is not the only one) who claims not just to believe in, but more so to know about magic (translated from German): “Magic is the influencing of a target through distance, which is made possible through structural links and life force”. Wow, hasn’t our definition suddenly become much more specific now? No, not really if we don’t know the meaning of ‘structural links’ and ‘life force’. Thing is there is a whole school/ network/ science to all this out there. Most of us are just not taught in basic school about it, so we simply lack in our magic understanding. =P

Well, we all heard about Masaru Emoto and his work with the effects of emotion on water. Even the movie The Secret presents many people with knowledge about magic (without using the label ‘magic’), as they teach about how we can change our reality simply through a) visualizing what we want, and then b) feeling grateful for already getting what we want. Notice the parallels here? When you visualize, when you hold an image in front your inner eye, then you are creating a structural link. This is an energetic connection to whatever the image in you head represents. Then all you need is some life force, which you fill your self with as you are being grateful and which you feel as the emotion. And there you go: you are influencing your target, maybe without even knowing it, by projecting grateful energies on it. Really? So this is magic?

Here are some words out of my own experience: Yes, this is magic and it works! Pretty much since I finished IB in 2010 (with other words: since I finally stepped into a whole new dimension of designing my life), I suddenly made experiences that for ever (again) awoke my burning enthusiasm for magic. In the beginning there were just a few of these experiences – a year later I had finally figured out the ‘how’ and through that my magical incidences just kept coming one after the other. What I just didn’t know until half a year ago was that this is what magical experts call magic!

Finding to our magic abilities, empowers us to create our life the way we are funny to. Although together with all that, we need to bring out spiritual understanding about life too. If we have not spiritually grown enough to be free about our selves, about this world, then, at least in my world, any conscious purpose driven magic activity turns out not much. Obviously there is a little more to it, than mere visualization and gratefulness to shape our reality, some subtleties, and of course the fact that there is much more we can do with our magic abilities than just making our dreams come true.

Karl Hans Welz knows about magic, on a much more advanced level than myself. Compared to what is out there my knowledge of the subject is little, although already that little bit it is very much amazing me. So, check out his Free Magic Course here; one, like no one elses!

I wish you all the magic in you life! =DD


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