White Gold

White Gold Salt

There is a huge difference between the chemical compound NaCl (which we know as table salt) and any naturally harvested salt from the mountains or the sea. Long before our industry came along with NaCl, salt stood next to gold as a highly valued item of trade. In the early roman empire, soldiers were even payed with salt. Thereof the word ‘salary’ (from the Latin salarium). So far so good, the burner however is the origin of the word ‘salt’. It comes from the Latin sal which in turn comes from the Latin sol, and sol is the sun! (See the sun in the picture above and how this hand made sea salt was chosen to get packaged!). Think about it, since forever cultures have been praying to the gods of the sun. Sunlight is and has always been vital for life on our planet (even fish in the deep dark seas who never see light, indirectly dependent on the sun), and salt is as vital thereof.

We can understand sunlight and salt as really one and the same, the only difference is that salt is crystallized sunlight! Even within the field of physics, Walter Russell describes any matter as crystallized light. In his book The Universal One he describes how he looks at matter and light, and how everything in this universe really just counts down to One! Start here to see the book explained (Walter Russells ideas are yet not fully understood, but they are one of important approaches for research about flying saucers and other future technology of that type).

Next to sunlight and salt, the last component (at least in our dimension of matter) needed for the existence of life, is water at the right temperature. (Yes, or did I forget anything?) But even here water is not water (just like salt is not salt, and light is not light!). Victor Schauberger, an other great thinker of the early 20th century, called water ‘blood of the earth’ (from the German Blut der Erde). He understood that water can be vital or dead, and that that made the difference for life. As a side note: he discovered that fresh vital water, after being pumped trough 80 meters or more of piping dies! Think of all the piping we have constructed for water transport in our modern society… think of all the people who drink dead water and eat industrial salt! How doesn’t that change our perspective now? No wonder ‘people’ widely lack in vitality and enthusiasm for life these days. Please, come back to nature!

So, if you are open to learn more about water and salt, the best you can do is to check out Peter Ferreiras speech upon the magic:

Wasser und Salz – Erster Teil

Wasser und Salz – Zweiter Teil


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