Photo borrowed from Ljungbyheds flygplats website (the club I joined) for the photos I took my self are sadly out of my reach untill Christmas.

Alright, here’s the story. With 14, that is some years ago now, I decided to fly airplanes. It was fall here in Sweden and I remember my dad first saying it out loud for me: ‘It is your call, you can decide to do it, but if, then you really gotta do it! Remember it’s rather expensive, so take a close look at your economy and then tell me what you decide!’ Well that about my economy I knew by heart. And anyway I had already made my decision so, I didn’t let him wait: ‘Yes, I’m gonna fly for sure, dad!!’

Deeply inspired by my dad, we both joined the flight theory classes at Höganäs airport. Twice a week. Dont remember anything about normal school from that time, flight-class was way more exciting! Thank god I had dad with me then though, for in flight class there was only us and some elder men. Old men are cool, but shy as I was at the time, I don’t think I would have managed going there by my self. So thank you again, dad.

After a couple of months, a cold winter, and going through the thickest book I had ever studied on meteorology, flight history, flight physics and flight safety, we were finally ready to join the radio communication course in Ljungbyhed. If you fly, you’re in touch with the tower on ground through the radio. Thus in order to communicate safe and concise, we use special flight radio communication, and that we had to first learn.

Then suddenly we realized. Wait, by law the student has to be at least 15 years to start the education. 15?? But I was only 14! At the end of one class I raised from my chair to present this problematic case to my teacher (and I’m not gonna say who he was, not only because I don’t remember, but more so because of what he said)! He had some mind-puzzeling to do. After looking around for a minute he again looked at me, and finally said: ‘You are 15!’ — WAAHHHH!?

And so I just went for it.

I didn’t know how to open my parachute, but jeez I went for it.

Visiting our Fight-doctor was a freaky experience, and an other 800SEK.  Paperwork, eventually getting official permissions and stuff was creepy too, for at that age I had really never done anything as annoying in terms of organisation. But it all worked out. I eventually filled 15, and had gotten to know some really cool people at flight club.

After a year my dad stopped flying because of work on the buildingsite. But I continued. Today I haven’t been in the air on my own since I started going to the International School (and you can imagine why if you know about IB). But IB is over now, which was an exciting and fruitful time too, and meanwhile I also traveled around the world. Now that I’m back home, finally settling somewhere, I again pursue my passions, but this time further!

Yeah, I like to build my own aircraft, to fly again!

Yes yes, I have heard that one before. But I can’t help it; birds fascinate me and I like art. However, before getting to the point of building an airplane, there are surely a couple of other steps I need to walk first. If I were to build an airplane that I would be able to and would be authorized to fly, then that would first happen …hmm lets say, a little further into the future then just this afternoon. A little much further, yes xDD To build an airplane, requires that I update my PPL (Private Pilot Licence) with respect to motor airplanes (my current one is not updated, and is one for Gliders only), learn much more about mechanics and airplanes, learn about or invent alternative energy supply (for hell no that I’m gonna use fossil fuels for pure enthusiastic enjoyment, and if noone has got a good solution for me about that, then well I gotta think my self. No other way around.), then learn more about flying in society (permissions, requirements etc, it’s not like we live in a free land)… and the twenty other million details that I can’t think of this moment and anyway don’t intend to present here now.

So yeah, Im gonna build an airplane and fly around the world again!

Sure dreams can change, and enthusiasm can cool. Halfway I could decide to leave my life to start from scratch somewhere at the end of the world. Or who knows, I may realize that I was born to dance or plant plants or .. maybe I die from not knowing how to open my parachute (yes I do know that by now xDD). But that shouldn’t stop anyone or my self from wanting something or taking a step. It is all an adventure. We never know what there is at the end of a rainbow before we get there, even if we’re told there is a golden horse! And thank God for that excitement!

Now that was my story (shame I don’t have any photos here at hand). I just give it to you like this, for who knows what it might inspire you or someone else to do or see or experience. For the world is truly to be explored.

Nature is magnificent

Life is a dance

Liine, Gävle, 18 Sep 2011