Mr 7 demands

Mr 7 demands. A daily conversation.

Wonderful people, beautiful world.

Who deserves it?

Silly? Have you ever fallen in love with a palm? HA!

Jay! Here are some more responses upon this topic. Triangle theory of love? Do we really have to start categorizing now? Of course it might be silly as it could make you think ‘this is it’. Never do that. Let me only use it to travel further.

Intimacy, Passion and Commitment – your ingredients to blend whatever colour. Fine. Or is it just a manmade concept? All the same in the end? Or a lifestyle?

Ahhhhhloha to live xD hehe

Whathe..? DONT ask me where it comes from.

Today is an other day of sunshine. Lets get lost once in a while. A way to free us from our selves.

Bonnie is amazing. Had to resist my swim this morning, due to body paint. Dancing to Zeds Deads remix of Eyes on Fire this bright morning on my carpet floor covered with drawings. Today up for hovering adventures at the beach.

Where to search for freedom? Mr 7, have the freedom to love! The freedom to create, the freedom to see. Perception suit, check. Breaking the box – out into the unknown wohooo!

Imagination. What? A twist to life, and I dont like to untwist it. Eye see!

The world is free with everyones eyes on it. Thats for sure!

I am living to love you. Mother earth. Wohooooo!!