Every creator is an artist. He has his own way of seeing the world.
In the same way Sight-Size is a method to seeing. The foundation of Sight-Size links back to painting from nature.

”We must always take from nature what we paint, and always choose the most beautiful things.” Leon Battista Alberti

Using nature as a model in creation, gives the aftertaste of life and breath. Whatever lies as a ground for your masterpiece, always penetrates through it. Sight-Size teaches the power of comparison. Alberti writes about the Science of seeing in his book On Painting:

”Thus all things are known by comparison, for comparison contains within itself a power which immediately demonstrates an object which is more, less or equal.”

By standing at a fixed point, in the same light, the artist can now recreate what he sees. Shapes and sizes follow the eye by shortest distance directly to his medium.

”Know that a painted thing can never appear truthful where there is not a definite distance for seeing it.” Alberti

It is said that with comparison comes the mirror. The mirror gives us a second perspective what we otherwise could not perceive.

”Take a mirror […] and compare the reflection with your picture.” Leonardo da Vinci